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Welcome to this, our first communication from Illuman of Louisiana! We are men devoted to supporting, enhancing, and encouraging the spiritual journeys of all men. You may have known us in the past as Louisiana MALEs, which stood for "Men as Leaders and Elders." We were affiliated with the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque and the men's spirituality programs founded by Father Richard Rohr, OFM.

Some years ago, Father Rohr realized that the movement needed to develop a structure to ensure the continuation and development of his globally recognized work in the area of men's spirituality.That decision led to the formation of Illuman, a New Mexico non-profit which acquired the intellectual properties of the former program known as MALEs.Since Illuman's formation, thirteen chapters have been established, usually identified by the state in which they are located.Illuman is now in the process of affiliating foreign chapters, starting with Australia.

We are open to any man on a spiritual journey.There is no litmus test for membership, other than to be on a sincere journey of faith broadly grounded in the Judaeo-Christian heritage. 

In Louisiana, we now have one known men's group that operates as part of Illuman of Louisiana.It just began its fifth year meeting quarterly for weekend retreats at Chicot State Park, and its 14 members hail from different parts of the state with two from southeast Texas. We are aware of a men's group in Monroe; we also understand that there are men interested in forming a group in New Orleans, and there's some group activity in Baton Rouge.The existing group is committed to assisting in the formation of other groups. For more information, please contact us via our website, www.Illuman.org/Louisiana.

We're planning a larger weekend retreat at the Feliciana Retreat Center in Norwood, Louisiana, October 16-18 of this year.We've held retreats before with the likes of Belden Lane, Joel Blunk and Richard Rohr - you know it's a great venue whether you want to rough it or stay indoors.Mark your calendars now for our next retreat, October 16-18, and keep watching our website for registration details as they develop. 

There are no dues to be part of Illuman of Louisiana.If you want to receive our forthcoming newsletter and announcements of future events, just look for the orange subscribe button!

We're excited about our future as an affiliate of Illuman and the continuation of our spiritual journeys together!Peace and Blessings! 

(Joe Hebert has been involved with men’swork since 1990, when he made his first retreat with Father Rohr.He serves on the board of Illuman as board treasurer.He also serves as president of the board of Illuman of Louisiana.)